Working with film, photography and installation, Diana Vidrascu questions the narrative devices of cinema by challenging the limits of the visual discourse and codes of the film genre. The storytelling in her work is characterized by interruptions in the logic flow of events, creating parallels with the fragility of memory, the personal perception of time, and the visual paradigms through which reality is perceived, represented and altered. Her work often reveals a meditation on language, on all things that get lost in translation. Exploring the personal geographies of the characters she’s portraying, her research resembles that of a film-geologist working with mythologies of a faraway desert island.

Diana Vidrașcu (b. Iasi, Romania, 1987) is a filmmaker based in Paris, France. She received her MA in Cinematography at the National Film Academy in Bucharest, working mainly on fiction and documentary films. After participating in the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2008, her films as director were shown in festivals such as BFI London Film Festival Experimenta, Côté Court Pantin France, Camera Obscura San Francisco USA, Process Film Festival Riga Latvia, CineAutopsia Bogota Colombia, Northern Wave Iceland, BIEFF Experimental Film Festival Bucharest. She directed: What time is made of, 16mm, 10’ (2017), Gylfaginning – The Deluding of King Gylfi, 16mm, 18’ (2017) and is currently in post-production with Silence of the Sirens, 16mm, 35’. For the past 10 years she’s been working internationally as a director of photography for film directors and contemporary artists such as: Louis Henderson, Emilija Skarnulyte, Julien Crépieux, Peter Snowdon. In parallel with her filmmaking practice she’s also working with Re:Voir Video, a leading experimental film distributor.

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